We are the helping hand for "not-so-techie" entrepreneurs.

We are dedicated to helping visionaries relay their message and legacy through online business.

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Our client’s message is more than a business – it’s their legacy.

Your vision deserves a brand and content that will reach the right people. We build websites and provide content for entrepreneurs who want to create their own success stories through online businesses.

Technology doesn’t have to be the barrier between your vision and business. Our company believes it is within your destiny to carry out the business that lives within your heart. Feel confident that our team will be your technical hand while building your online business.

Our Super Powers

Creating your online presence and servicing your clients in the digital space is more than simply building a website – it’s part of your business ecosystem. Maintaining this ecosystem takes work, but that’s what we’re here for.

“You don’t have to be a tech genius, but you do need the right team!”
Here’s how we can be part of your team.

We Build.

We craft beautiful websites and teach not-so-tech-savvy entrepreneurs how to build their own digital empires.

We Write.

How many times have you struggled to write the perfect content for your website? It’s not an easy task and can take up so much time! Allow our team to create captivating, engaging content that will drive traffic and sales on your behalf.

We Mentor.

We provide one-on-one consultation sessions for business strategy or website training so that you are better equipped within your online business.

“Our focus is on achieving your goals by creating a beautiful website to convey the messages of your business or personal brand.”

Who We Are

Founder & CEO Shana Jones

My Techie Lifestyle is a digital agency that helps entrepreneurs turn their visions and strategies into profitable online businesses. We specialize in website design, e-commerce, and content development. We also offer coaching services to help the not-so-tech-savvy entrepreneur learn how to build their own digital empire.

Here at My Techie Lifestyle, we believe the client’s vision is more than just a business, it’s their legacy. We help our clients get started with the process of starting an online business, as well as strategizing content creation goals to increase momentum and traffic.

Hi, I’m Shana.
I’m a Tech Entrepreneur, Business Tech Strategist, Christian, Mother, Coffee lover, Blogger, Ghost Writer, and Bookworm. My goal is to help my clients achieve their online business goals with the tools they need to create financial stability through multiple streams of Income.

If you’re struggling with discovering how you will present yourself and your business, serving your clients and how to provide top-notch personal customer service and meaningful client engagement without physically being there – then let’s work together!

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Kind Words From Clients

I take care of my clients as customer support is one of my main priorities. But don’t take my word for it, hear what my clients had to say about working with me.