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How To Find Good Talent On Fiverr To Catapult Your Business.

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With Fiverr’s global reach, your able to have the opportunity to build a slam dunk virtual team.


Written by Shana Jones

May 21, 2020


Your business is your baby, hands down, no questions about it! Like all babies, your business will grow into an infant, toddler, kid, etc. The question is, are you ready for that level of growth, or are you still treating your kid as an infant? When I say it’s so easy to stunt your own business’s growth, I’m not lying! How do we do this? By not recognizing the growth stages, and not being able to let go of certain business activities.

We hear about virtual teams and virtual assistants and think, my business is not ready for that extra experience. On the other hand, you may be fearful of your “side gig, “actually bringing home all the bacon. Yes, fear of success is real – but that’s a whole other story!

Getting the help you need is not as challenging as you think. In comes Fiverr, a marketplace of freelancers that are waiting to give you a helping hand! No, I’m not going to lie and say everyone is a talented freelancer because that’s simply not true. All freelancers are not created equal, but that’s what this post is about! How do you scope out the good talent from the latter? Well, let’s get right into it.

One thing’s for sure before you get started, you have to be clear on what you need to get done in your business. Diving into Fiverr without a focused plan will either leave you feeling overwhelmed or like a kid in a candy store. Either way, your not going to utilize the services with your business needs in mind.

Why Fiverr is a good choice:

It’s important to note why other folks use their services. This may inspire thought toward your own business needs.

Fiverr is a good outsourcing opportunity because:

1) You can reach global talent – or local

As a ghostwriter and blogger on Fiverr, I have some clients who choose to only work with freelancers from the U.S because their business audience is predominantly American. These clients need their content reflective of the American culture. I also have clients from Canada and Australia! The cool part is, you can get talent from anywhere around the world!

2) Good pricing

Fiverr has a diverse price structure. Just because the price is low doesn’t mean poor talent, and high prices don’t mean great talent. There is always someone within your budget!

3) Build a virtual team to grow your business

With Fiverr’s global reach, your ability to have the opportunity to build a slam dunk virtual team. You could even have a virtual assistant, leading your virtual team! The sky is the limit. Remember, the goal is to take the load off of you so that you’re not stunting your business growth.

The Discovery Process:

When looking for great talent amongst haystacks, here are some pointers to cherry-pick the winners.

1) Highest ratings (5-stars). 

You want to look at the ratings of your seller. Fiverr requires all freelancers to maintain, at the very least, a 4.7-star rating if they wish to move up selling levels. So start with 4-5 star ratings when beginning your search.

2) Read through the ratings (lowest to positive) 

As a buyer on Fiverr, I like to always sort the reviews from lowest to highest. Why? I want to see their worst, look for behavior patterns, and see their responses (if they provide one at all). Client interaction is so important when working remotely because all you have is their word. Just because someone gives you their portfolio, it doesn’t show the clients experience. So, I like to see what actual clients have to say about them. If a client takes the time to leave a positive, descriptive, review about their experience, that’s “good freelancer” material!

3) Interview your candidates 

When you’ve found a few candidates that you can see yourself “vibing” with, it’s time to chat with them! Fiverr allow you to chat with your freelancer throughout your entire experience as a buyer. So ask some good questions.

I’ve had a few leads test me out by asking vague and short questions, without reaching, to see how well I’ll take the wheel and steer the focus.

Some have asked, “Can you write for my blog?” Well, the obvious answer would be yes.

However, they’re testing to see how experienced I am with my work and my interactions with my clients. Depending on my answer, they will choose to work with me or test my work out. You can do the same too!

Here are some questions to ask your next candidate:

  • What industry do you focus on?
  • Do you have any sample content or portfolio so I can see your style of writing?
  • Can you tell me about your process and more details about this gig?
  • What would you need from me to make the process successful?

4) Give them a trial run with a test order. 

After all of your discoveries and finalized that one freelancer, it’s time to take that next step – the trial run. Since the prices for most gigs are cost-effective, the initial investment is not scary. Get their smallest offer just to see how well you both work together.

  • Was the delivery on time?
  • Did they stay in contact with you?
  • Was the final delivery phenomenal and meet your requirements?
  • The answer to these questions will determine if there will be another purchase.

Building Relationships:

Chat with your freelancer as if you would over the phone. You could really build a solid virtual team, performing various actions in your business. You will see the exponential growth toward your bottom line and overall well being from not being overloaded.

My Fiverr Experience:

As a buyer and seller, I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum. For me, selling on Fiverr started out as a personal development tool that allows me to strengthen my consistency and disciplinary muscles. I always believe in self-motivation. If you recognize a weakness that’s holding you back, exercise that area to get stronger.

For a long time, I wanted to write my own book. So, I write for other people to get me comfortable at writing large amounts of content in a short amount of time.

I’ve learned how to be disciplined because of my writing deadlines. I’ve learned how to write more diversified content, because of all the interesting clients I’ve had, belonging to different industries.

Most of all, I‘ve learned to love blogging and sought to create a freedom-lifestyle from its rewards.

So, if you’re looking for great content to be written for your blog, check out my gig on Fiverr!

Follow these tips while seeking your powerhouse virtual team and prepare for takeoff because success happens fast!

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