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3 Reasons Websites Are Crucial in Online and Small Businesses

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For those who are ready to jump the broom, which starting a business is sort of like entering a life-altering marriage, you’re going to need a digital space to host all of that greatness cultivating inside you!

3 Reasons Websites Are Crucial in Online and Small Businesses

Written by Shana Jones

October 21, 2020


The benefits of flexibility, creating your own schedule, no salary-cap ceilings, and have full creative control are hands down the most seductive lures of owning your own business. The term “being your own boss” seems to be the daily mantra of 2020, especially since the COVID-19 global pandemic. For one, I am always and forever will be an advocate for obtaining business ownership, multiple streams of income, and freelancing. However, to put yourself out there into the world as a business owner or what Marie Forleo likes to call a “multi-passionate entrepreneur,” it takes hard work, dedication, and a specific level of focus that many are not prepared or willing to sacrifice.

For those who are ready to jump the broom, which starting a business is sort of like entering a life-altering marriage, you’re going to need a digital space to host all of that greatness cultivating inside you!

Despite the success stories many outliner business owners have displayed, followed by the testimony of doing it all without a website, I’m here to tell you – don’t believe the hype. While these entrepreneurs may not have used their website to sell a product, they have indeed used a website to market their message and products, influencing their audience to go, click here, then buy!

Thus, this brings me to the root purpose of creating this article. In short, if you want to make it, having a website is vital to your business’s success.

Here are 3 reasons websites are crucial in online and small businesses.

Your website is a valuable asset as you network.

Whether you’re a freelancer or have people working for you, networking is that golden gem that will get you beyond the door to some of your best clients. With this in mind, these same clients will first ask, “how do I reach you?” or “do you have a website to see your content, message, etc.,” Therefore, you will need an asset to provide in exchange for their business or interest. Sure, you can provide your professional social media profiles. However, to get the big bucks and the growth that comes with it, you need a real asset as a proof of concept. Proof of concept to what? Your personal brand.

You will attract more clients.

Not only is your website an asset, but it’s also a way to solidify yourself as a business owner and someone to do business with. For me personally, I know of many corporations that will not work with you if you don’t have an established LLC (not sole proprietorship) and a professional website outlining testimonial and social proof. Sure many businesses will, but the ones that will catapult your brand and bottom-line will not.

Also, the best way to attract clients is by good reviews from other clients. How would you suppose to display their testimony? Yes, through your website. Whether your website is a written blog, podcasts, video, or a hybrid of all, you need a digital space to harvest them. Instead of thinking that your website is an exclusive place of sale, isolated for only transactions, shift that mindset to it being a way of communication to your audience, resonating, and connecting with their needs.

For e-commerce, Amazon does a great job with this. Amazon pushes precisely what YOU need according to your search and browser history, along with your buying patterns, optimizing your chances of completing a purchase. Like Amazon, for service-based business-like consultants and coaches, blogs and conversational-type content are created to push precisely what their audiences desire. As a result, emotions that resonate with desires, needs, and pain-points heighten their chances to purchase.

Your website is your vehicle toward growth.

As your website is used as an asset of networking and attract more clients, it begins to take shape, transforming into a vehicle toward growth. A website is published into the world-wide-web, allowing you to connect with people outside your local “word-of-mouth” network and into global territories.

As I create content, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, and resonate with my audience’s needs, I get the opportunities to work with clients from the west coast, Canada, Europe, and Australia. I’ve had the privilege of writing content for multiple industries and creating websites for like-minded business owners who wish to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others.

And so…

The next time you hear someone say, “you don’t need a website,” I challenge you to think of these 3 ways you’re leaving money AND influence on the table. The goal is to not just make the sale but to build community and relationship. A long-term mindset is how online and small businesses win the war and stay in the game.

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