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4 Ways To Interact With Your Customers During A Global Pandemic


Only the strong-minded, creative, and quick on their feet individual will make it.


Written by Shana Jones

May 11, 2020


Entrepreneurship, at its finest, is not just about making money but how you’re able to creatively pivot your business during times of trouble. Show me an entrepreneur that tells you the same strategies that worked at the start of their business are still working now, and I’ll show you a liar. Nevertheless, adapting to change, experiencing challenges, and taking calculated risks to better business is right up a true entrepreneurs alley – almost as if they were born for a time such as this.

During economic and social devastates like global pandemics, the life a business owner gets REAL. Why? More than likely, their businesses are their sole bread and butter, not just for themselves but also for their family. More importantly, the ego of an entrepreneur running their business full-time for years is not going to jump back into the world of the 9-5. So, the stresses from a global pandemic where an entire business operation has to pivot at the drop of a dime can send any entrepreneur into a mental breakdown. Only the strong-minded, creative, and quick on their feet individual will make it.

With that in mind, business owners must find creative ways to interact with their customers as their customers are quarantined in their homes. Paying, loyal customers are the bread and butter of a business lifeline. Here is where digital marketing plays a masterful role. When used properly, digital marketing can connect your business with more customers, then you previously had before the pandemic.

Here are 4 ways to interact with customers during a global pandemic.

1. Personal Touch Email Marketing

“There’s money in the list” is a common quote amongst most list-builder strategist. Its been proven that robust email lists have a direct correlation with an exponential increase to a business’s financial bottom-line. However, it’s not enough to just have a list of emails, but it’s more important to maintain it through captivating conversation with its audience. Even though email marketing is supported through technical automation, your audience must feel your intentions through its copy.

Having said that adding a personal touch to your email’s marketing copy is the true secret sauce in any profitable business. The gold is in the copy! Sure, your audience cares about the products and services, but truth be told, they’re also low-key nosey.

They want to learn more about your interests, daily activities, how you’re interacting with other humans and simply put, you’re not a douche bag. Your audience is checking to see if you’re compatible with their values. Many companies have gone flop because of their CEO’s reputation. So, add that personal touch to your email’s copy and watch your list grow with more LOYAL followers.

2. Interactive pop quizzes

Interactive pop quizzes are an effective way to get customer engagement and grow your email lists. Pop quizzes are so popular among audiences because it allows something else to discover their unknowns. I know you’ve seen them all over social media and on business websites. “What kind of entrepreneur are you?” “What will your life-long partner characteristics be like?” “What does your wine choice say about your personality?” The list can go on.

Nevertheless, you have to submit your email address to get the results. At the same time, you can analyze the results and create better content, services, or products that better suit your audience. INTERACT is a popular quiz service to generate leads for your business that you can get started for free.

3. Social Media engagement

Since folks are quarantined at home, social media engagement has soared. Increasing your engagement with your audience through social media during the pandemic will keep your business relevant, and sales increased.

According to Hootsuite, your customer spends an average of at least 6 hours on social media. I could only imagine how much these numbers have increased in 2020 during a global pandemic.


Social media allows you to be in front of your customers. You can incorporate the same personal touch strategies into your social media posts.

4. Goal-focused online workshops and challenges

Another way to spark engagement with your customers is to create goal-focused online workshops and challenges. Everybody loves a challenge, and there’s nothing more exciting than to have a group of supporters moving toward the same goal! Workshops and challenges are motivational, supportive, and is a great way to jumpstart a procrastinator. Many online influencers use challenges as a free introductory offer into an extended paid program, workshop, or service. In the same manner, workshops can be used as tripwires into more advanced programs and services.

Here are some examples:
• The Get Fit 14-day Challenge
• Build your own web app in 7 days
• The Cake Pop workshop
• Build your website in 7 days workshop

Take the time to see how you can incorporate these strategies into your business. All of the above tactics will work in online and physical businesses. The goal is always to spark engagement, build a loyal customer following, and enjoy yourself as you’re making a positive contribution to the lives of others!

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